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For a current calendar, class notes, assignments, rubrics, study guides, etc., be sure to check your class Canvas page! That is your best resource for Physical Science and Chemistry. I will not use this website for class, I will exclusively use Canvas. Click HERE to go to Canvas. Your student login is the same as your login to a school computer.

 For parents: To access your child’s Canvas, you will need to create a pairing code for your student’s account. Please click HERE for directions to create the pairing code. Once you have the pairing code, you must go to our Canvas page in the next 24 hours, click the “Parent of a Canvas user?” link, fill out the required information (including the pairing code) and click “start participating”. If you need to add additional students to your current parent account, then click HERE.
If you need to reach me send me a message directly through Canvas
This will be an entirely new school year in many ways, and I’m excited to start it with you! You will notice some changes from last year to this year. I strive to provide you with a fun, meaningful learning experience in Chemistry and Physical Science. To prepare for my class in the upcoming school year, the following supply list is suggested:
Physical Science and Chemistry Supply List
  • 3 ring binder, 1 or 2 inch
  • paper, pencils, pens
  • face mask (optional but highly recommended)





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